1st Step 3610036 2 oz Liq B-12 Carribean

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The mental and physical energy we need to accomplish our everyday goals must be renewed each and every day. Don’t fall for the hype of caffeine energy drinks real energy comes from healthy well-nourished blood cells not mega-doses of caffeine (which can cause dehydration and affect your energy) or other stimulants. Nourish your mind and body with vitamin b12 the energy vitamin our body requires. Vitamin b12 helps convert food to energy and aids in the formation of red blood cells which carry oxygen to cells throughout the body. Vitamin b12 also helps fight fatigue reduces the risk of heart disease and increases mental and emotional stability organically. You’ll have more mental energy a stronger ability to focus and enhanced memory plus the social and physical energy you need to get things done.
IngredientsFiltered water pure cane sugar (sucrose) glycerin citric acid potassium sorbate sodium citrate natural flavors.
SpecificationsFlavor: Carribean Delight
Weight: 2 oz
Size: 12
Dimension: 3.5 H x 6 W x 4.5 D


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