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Proven Disinfection System Pure Oxygen Action Built-in Lubricant For Enhanced Comfort Preservative Free For Sensitive Lenses For Soft Contact Lenses Your Oxysept® disinfecting solution kit includes: 12 fl oz (355 mL) bottle Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution 36 Pink Neutralizing Tablets Oxysept® Cup with Gore-Tex cap to prevent leakage Feel the difference! What makes Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution so unique? Proven Disinfection System Powerful protection against a broad range of bacteria and microorganisms. Unique tablet system provides superior disinfection to leading competitive brands. Enhanced Comfort The only peroxide system with a built-in lubricant which retains and seals in moisture. Ideal for Sensitive Eyes Once the solution is neutralized, your contact lenses are soaking in a preservative-free solution. Oxysept® Disinfecting Solution is a sterile solution of micro-filtered hydrogen peroxide 3% (stabilized with sodium stannate, sodium nitrate and buffered with phosphates) and purified water. Oxysept® Neutralizing Tablets contain catalase, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, and cyanacobalamin (vitamin B12) as a color indicator with buffering and tableting agents. Questions or Comments 1-800-347-5005


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