AzureGreen HROSP 2 oz Rose Petals Pink – Rosa Gallica

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Rose petals have been used throughout the history of man both in decoration and in spiritual rituals and as such can be found throughout ancient texts and the writings of more modern scholars. They have been used to flavor wine and scent perfume and are highly valued as parts of floral gardens. The Romans would often crown brides and grooms with wreaths of roses or use them to crown the sacred icons of their gods such as Cupid Venus and Bacchus.
Within spiritual practices these pink rose petals are also quite commonly used within rituals of happiness emotional balance and love spells. When used to scent water they can sometimes help soothe headaches and ease stress and in this way are often utilized by herbalists and aromatherapists. Of old it was also said that a tonic could be made from them for the treatment of mouth sores soothing the heart and nerves and even helping to ease menstrual cramps. This is a 2 oz package of pink rose petals.


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