AzureGreen HWILLCB 1 Lb Wild Lettuce Leaf Cut Wild Crafted – Lactuca Canadensis

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Often found written of under the Latin name of Lactuca Virosa as well as the names Bitter Letuce and Opium Lettuce Wild Lettuce Leaf was widely used in the 19th century among many doctors as a sedative when opium could not. It also experienced a resurgence of popularity in the 1970s where it was widely used recreationally for those psychotropic properties it possesses that are similar to opium despite the fact that the leaf contains no opiates.
The greens are also sometime harvested and added to salads with the leaves having a somewhat more bitter taste. Wild Lettuce Leaf was also often used among Native Americans as part of rituals where it helped to achieve visions and trance states as well as aided in more vivid dreams. Medicinally many herbalists still prescribe it as an anesthetic and sleep aid.
The oils extracted from the leaf are sometimes used in a tea to aid in sleep with other drinks sometimes being fashioned for this purpose by soaking the leaves in alcohol. Recreationally wild lettuce leaf is also quite popular in alternative smoking blends where the psychotropic and sedative qualities help the smoker relax. This is a 1 Lb packet of cut Wild Lettuce Leaf.


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