AzureGreen OCMIN4 Pure Mineral Oil 4 oz

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Pure mineral oil is a widely popular substance used medically cosmetically and in a wide host of other fields. Medically it is perhaps most commonly used as a skin ointment or as a laxative. Within the cosmetics field it is quite popular in a variety of creams used to help remove makeup and other temporary designs upon the skin. In festivals and stage performances it is also occasionally used by fire breathers and fire spinners as has a high flash point and low burn temperature.
It is also a popular base for the creation of home-made magical oils. Without much scent and a long shelf life a wide range of ingredients might be added to create your desired scent. This is often done by grinding herbs and oils together within a mortar and pestle. This is a 4 oz bottle of Pure Mineral Oil. Do not use medically without consulting a doctor.


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