Bloem MHP-25 BloemBagz Mini Herb Planter Grow Bag 1.5 gal – Honey Dew

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If you’re short on space but still want fresh herbs turn to a BloemBagz Mini Herb Bag. Designed with a rigid lip and three open grommets it is ideal for hanging from balconies and ledges. You can keep it next to a sunny kitchen window or close to a stove and with space on top and 3 side pockets you will always have access to your cooking essentials. Make an Italian bag with Basil Thyme Oregano and Marjoram or grow different varieties of mint to always add a twist to your favorite beverage!
BloemBagz feature double-layered breathable fabric technology which supports improved growing results vs traditional non-breathable containers such as plastic or ceramic pots. Our larger planters have heavy duty handles to make moving them easier. Overwatering will never be a problem again – BloemBagz drainage system keeps the soil in while preventing overwatering. BloemBagz were created to provide you with the best growing advantages possible.
BloemBagz are made out of recycled plastic bottles; one bag on average is made from five to ten plastic bottles. BloemBagz aren’t just an organic solution for gardening they’re also a solution to the plastic pollution that is a growing threat to the environment. BloemBagz are saving the planet literally from the ground up. A great solution for urban gardening or limited outdoor space. When a storm or frost is forecasted just pick up your bag by its heavy duty handles and bring it indoors to easily extend your growing season.
Be sure to check out our full line of BloemBagz – The mini herb bag has room for four plants while the big herb bag can grow eight different herbs. The 9 gallon strawberry bag features eight pockets for fresh home grown strawberries. The 12 gallon raised bed planter offers large space for growing lettuce and herbs. The 9 gall


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