Chia Pet Decorative Planter Kit Puppy – 1 ea


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Watch it Grow! Handmade Decorative Planter Easy to do. . . fun to grow! Full coat 1-2 weeks. Contains: Handmade pottery planter Chia seed packet for 3 plantings Convenient plastic drip tray Planting and care instructions sheet The Chia Pet Story Chia Pets are handmade by artisans using techniques passed down from the Indians of ancient Mexico. Each Chia Pet is sculpted from rich terra-cotta clay. The multi-stage process takes several days for shaping, drying, kiln firing and finishing. Chia (salvia hispanica) was popular among the Aztecs. It was eaten as food and included in medicines. Chia seeds were ground into flour and pressed for oil. Reuse your Chia Pet Indefinitely. Simply replant with chia (extra seeds included) or similar herb seeds, such as basil, alfalfa, marjoram or thyme.


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