Dr. Blaine’s Complete ScarCare Treatment Kit – 1 ea


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Previously Available Only From Doctors 100% Latex Free FDA Approved Transparent and Reusable 3-Month Supply Permanent Scar Reduction Dr. Blaine’s ScarCare Treatment will Flatten & Fade any Scar, Guaranteed! Contains: One Silicone Gel Pad (2″ x 5.5″) (Cut as needed) One .5 fl oz bottle of E-Sil Solution Begin to see results in weeks! (A) Silicone Gel Pad Innovatively engineered as a self adhesive pad, there is no need for additional warps or taping. The non-sticky side is smooth and soft to prevent fabrics from adhering. (B) E-Sil- Solution Vitamin E (a-tocopherol) 50% Skin antioxidant Silicone Liquid Gel 50% Together with Vitamin E help promote healthy skin. Advantages: Blaine ScarCare Gel Pad- is transparent, easy to use, and comfortable to wear. It can be cut to fit the shape and size of any scar. Blaine ScarCare Gel Pad- is washable and reusable. Its stickiness returns soon after washing! The pad should be replaced with it is no longer adhesive. Blaine ScarCare Gel Pad- is made from the finest medical-grade silicone. When used properly the gel pad is guaranteed to flatten and fade your scar, or your money back (Please see package insert) Doctors and surgeons nationwide presently recommend this convenient 24 hour a day scar treatment to patients who are serious about treating their scars. If you have any questions or comments, call 800-307-8818


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