eSutras 273500 Menu Card holder

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eSutras products features health wellness and natural beauty. They are unique because they challenge the buyer both with their combinations of flavors scents herbs their health appeal their multi-use capability simple elegant packaging and their uniqueness. There is in the marketplace an increasing awareness of ethics and sustainability. This eSutras product help you to picture the healthy ecosystems which produced that food the workers who are safer from chemicals the land water and air that is being protected and the wildlife that is being allowed to thrive and go green.
Organize today with eSutras upright stainless-steel menu holder. Instantly cleans those tons of take-out menus laying around the house and no more searching endlessly for them either because they’re neatly filed on the menu holder. Very modern and lovely design of stainless-steel. Easy to clean and makes a great gift!
FeaturesStainless-steel upright menu card holder


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