eSutras 7623 Floral Tub Tea

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This exotic treatment will leave your skin tenderly soft and fresh. Steam opens and deeply cleanses the skin’s pores while the herbs work to nourish and rejuvenate all the layers of your skin.
FeaturesUse this amazing product to enhance your bath experience or to do a simple steaming for your face!
Benefits:Stimulates circulation and de-flakes dead skin. Moisturizes leaving you with marble soft skin. Also included in each formula are the healing and soothing characteristics of organically grown Ayurveda herbs and flowers.
Use:To create your own natural facial you need a pot of water a method of heating the water and a towel. Infuse the therapeutic herbs into the water so that their healing benefits will become part of the steam reaching deep into your pores. Herbs can also be added to your bath for a soothing and relaxing experience.
eSutras formulations are created based on the fact that herbs and flowers offer beneficial effects on the skin particularly when hot moist air is used to open skin pores. Enjoy!
Ingredients:Rose Chamomile Geranium Frankincese Natural Alum Cyrstal Neem Acacia resin Witch Hazel Bark Davana Calendula Lemon Verbana Comfrey Vetivert Spearmint.
SpecificationsSkin Types: All


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