Frontier 19528 0.38 oz Cut & Sifted Oregano Leaf

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Strongly and complexly aromatic earthy pungent slightly bitter and astringent Frontier Oregano Leaf a Mediterranean oregano is a robust spice. It is indispensable in Italian Mexican and Mediterranean cooking. Its special affinity for basil makes the two a great combination in vegetable cheese pasta and tomato dishes and especially pizza. Also great in sauces dressings and casseroles. Combine with other seasonings such as basil and garlic to season frittatas and vegetables.
A robust aromatic herb for pasta pizza and other Mediterranean dishes. Great for pairing with basil.
Great for pizza pasta other Mediterranean dishes and any tomato-based dish.
FeaturesCut & Sifted Oregano Leaf
Mediterranean oregano
Non-GMO Project Verified Non-Irradiated
SpecificationsCountry of Origin: Turkey
Capacity: 0.38 oz
Weight: 0.45 lbs


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