fruitZip Refreshing Supplement Drink – Multi, 15 sachets

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Nature knows best. And with Zoganic’s 100% organic products, so do you! Zoganic’s fruitZips nourishes and provides the sustained vitality our bodies deserve while at the same time providing you with a savory drink. It is an ultimate combination. Our fruit zips burst with natural nutrients, vitamins and are all organic. With our 4 variations of fruity flavors you get the whole source of the fruits used, maximizing the potential of its extraction. Each individual fruit contributes its own qualities. Pineapple is meticulously formulated to sooth the stomach, additionally, orange has a distinct quality to bolster natural immunities. Likewise, the coconut variation is formulated to deliver the extra stamina needed to power your day. At last, the multi. It contains wholesome, nutritious ingredients essential to your health. fruitzips are conveniently packaged in small sachets. These sachets are easy to carry around wherever you go. fruitZips are organic, natural and Non-GMO.


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