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Are you worried about maintaining the soundness of your horse. Joint problems are virtually endemic with performance or aging horses.
Grand Flex was designed to provide a powerful tool to help keep your horse fit and sound. You owe your horse the extra support that Grand Flex can provide if you want to keep him moving at his best.
Grand Flex has been repeatedly recognized in Horse Journal as the best glucosamine product on the market. By combining glucosamine with important co-factors Grand Flex will not only support just the joints it will also help to maintain and support associated tendons and ligaments providing a much more comprehensive solution.
Top professional riders all over the world use Grand Flex along with thousands of other horseowners – the one consistent response we always get – IT WORKS!
1.875 lb. (.85 kg) – 30 units.
Formulated for: Competition Horses Aging Horses Prophylactic Support.
Provides Long-Term Joint Support.
Helps to Support Collagen and Connective Tissue Formation.
Supports Joint Health and Function.
Helps Reduce Inflammation Stiffness and Discomfort Associated with Normal Exercise.
Fights Free Radicals.
Product Facts – Per 1oz. (28.5 g) unit:
Glucosamine HCL: 5000 mg.
Vitamin C: 5000 mg.
Methionine: 3000 mg.
Manganese: 250 mg.
Zinc: 200 mg.
Lysine: 200 mg.
Vitamin B-3 Niacin: 150 mg.
Bioflavonoids: 100 mg.
Proline: 80 mg.
Copper: 50 mg.


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