Herbal Concepts HCSINO Organic Herbal Sinus Mask

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HCSINO: The Herbal Comfort Sinus Mask is designed using 100% organic cooton fleece fabric, to gently cover your sinuses, temples and eyes. The Sinus Mask features an adjustable elastic and Cloth Tie strap that keeps the mask in place during use. The Sinus Mask provides 100% all natural aromatherapy. The Sinus Mask is filled with the12 of the highest quality healing herbs and natural grains available. The natural herbal content contours to the curves of your body and helps to relieve sinus pain, headaches, stress and tension. Use Sinus Mask room temperature or cold only. Clean – Wipe with damp cloth. Store – Keep Herbal Comfort Sinus Mask in a dry cool place in a resealable plastic bag to increase longevity. Fabric: Organic Cotton Fleece: Cream Dimensions: 18X5.75X.5


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