HSCUC 1 oz Scullcap Cut – Scutellaria Lateriflora

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Known commonly in some circles as mad-dog skullcap, Scutellaria laterifolia, or Madweed, Scullcap was popularized among early Americans. Among them, it received these nicknames from the fact that it was widely considered a surefire cure for rabies, or hydrophobia as it is sometimes called. It is this purpose for which it is most widely known, though Scullcap has also seen common use as a sedative and a tranquilizer.
Because of these qualities, it can now commonly be found in alternative smoke blends, where the sedative properties aid those who are seeking relaxation and peaceful contemplation. Some spiritual practices have also associated Scullcap with ritual and spells involving everlasting fidelity and commitment. While Scullcaps use in treating hydrophobia (rabies) is still up to some debate, some herbalists have also found other medicinal uses for the herb.
These use it commonly in the treatment of hysteria and convulsions, as well as in cases of rickets. In general, many herbalists apply it to all disorders of the nervous system, and suggest it as a remedy specifically for epilepsy. They also utilize it in easing nervous tension or helping those with insomnia get to sleep. There is also some experimentation in using scullcap to aid in lessening the withdrawal symptoms that come with substance abuse. This is a 1 oz packet of cut Scullcap.


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