Mariner Biomedical N009-9695 Body Oil Coconut Mango 7.5 oz. Bottle with Pump

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FeaturesKaiderma Ocean Body Oil offers a unique combination of nourishing moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients to support the health and vitality of your skin
The ingredients include vitamins essential lipids and powerful marine antioxidants in a natural Coconut Oil base
Kaiderma Ocean Body Oil can be used after bathing to replenish and moisturize at night to repair and revitalize or following sun exposure to help protect and repair UV-induced damage
Also works great as a luxurious massage oil.
Natural oils of Coconut Almond Grape Seed Kiwi Seed and Jojoba provide essential lipids including Triglycerides Fatty Acids (Omega 3 & 6) and Squalane necessary for skin barrier repair and function
Vitamin E and unique carotenoids from the marine algae Dunaliella Salina provide potent antioxidant and UV-protective activity
Extracts from the Sea Whip reduce inflammation and calm skin
The special ingredients in Kaiderma Ocean Body Oil offer anti-aging protection and conditioning benefits for your skin.
Kaiderma Ocean Body Oil is an effective treatment for skin and body care leaving your skin conditioned soft supple and revitalized
Body Oil Type – Coconut Mango
Item Weight – 7.5 oz. Bottle w/ Pump


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