Natures Distributing P1364 12 in. Self Waterning Hanging Planter Terracotta

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These space-saving planters will help turn your brown thumb green! Simply stack planters one on top of the other fill with soil and your favorite flowers strawberries herbs and more and when you water these planters the individual water reservoir on each layer fills and helps to maintain a even moisture for your plants in between waterings!
FeaturesMade from a UV protected polypropelyne these planters are designed to be enjoyed for years
Designed to be enjoyed indoors or outdoors wherever the light is appropriate for what you are growing
Set holds 15 quarts of growing medium
Set IncludesThree planters
Three self watering grids
One hanging chain with built in swivel and one tray
SpecificationsColor: Terracotta
Size: 12


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