Nioxin Hair Booster 1 oz – 30 ml

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In nioxin we follow our passion for beauty products by discovering them and brining the best in the market. We make your search for the right products easy and make it a fun and exciting experience. Everyone loves to express their inner self and we give the perfect means to make them come out stronger and beautiful. A stronger you is more confident and happier and we believe in you.
FeaturesA vitamin-enriched leave-in scalp treatment Exfoliates dead skin cells & impurities Helps fast absorption of advanced nourishment to hair Stimulates growth of hair Perfect for those have excessively thinning areas of low-density hairline To use: Apply twice daily directly onto scalp
Vitamin enriched formula gives temporary redness to skin after application
SpecificationsCapacity: 1 oz 30 ml
Dimension: 4.8 H x 0.5 W x 0.5 L
Weight: 0.19 lbs


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