Nubian Heritage 0917468 Bar Soap Mango Butter – 5 oz

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Bar Soap Mango Butter – 5 oz – Rejuvenating Firming and Moisturizing Heritage: Indigenous people of the rainforest and tropical regions have long used Mango Butter to restore flexibility reduce degeneration of skin cells and protecting skin against long periods of exposure to sunlight and harsh environments. The fruit seed of the Mango tree first cultivated on the Indian subcontinent and in eastern Asia more than 4000 years ago yields an excellent moisturizer rich in natural Vitamin E and carotenoids antioxidants which are beneficial for all skin types. Nubian Heritages mango Butter soap is all-natural non-irritating cleanser of pure vegetable butters essential oils and organic herbs. Mango Butter naturally seals in moisture and provides environmental protection without clogging pores while Cocoa and Shea Butters heal reduce the degeneration of skin cells and improve the elasticity of damaged skin.
SpecificationsSize: 5 oz
Flavour: Mango Butter
Weight: 0.38
SpecificationsSize: 16 x 20
Team Name: New York Yankees
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