Nutra-Lift 676896000471 MaximumC Serum

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We pride ourselves on making the best skin care possible at the best possible price. …And produce over 62 Spa Quality Natural Skin Care products sold worldwide under Nutra-Lift and numerous other brand names. The products are designed to improve the quality of the whole body from head to toe. Facial Care including natural Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle Skincare & serums, masks, lip renewal creams, cleansers & eye treatments. Plus Sun Protection Factor Products (SPF). Hair Care including natural shampoo s, conditioners, styling gels & shave products. Body Care including exclusive moisturizers, scrubs, soaps, foot, cuticle & anti-cellulite treatments. Using the finest natural & organic ingredients the world has to offer, combined with the latest advances in research and technology, the Nutra-Lift products guarantee maximum results. The Nutra-Lift products are cruelty free and made with highest percentage and potency of ingredients to achieve beautiful skin. Many of the products and their ingredients have been clinically proven with effectual results…. And are manufactured according to FDA & GMP standards accepted worldwide. All Nutra-Lift products are non-comedogenic, do not block pores & and good for all skin types Now we invite you to try the world’s best skincare, so you can achieve younger, healthier, more beautiful skin….So you can now experience the noticeable difference … And your friends and family will see the vibrant & new more radiant you. 20 % Vitamin C Ester.Lightens Brightens Firms.Rebuilds Collagen.With DMAE Alpa Lipoic Acid.Reduces the look of Wrinkles.Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 4.


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