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Naturally Soothing & Refreshing Made with Swiss Herbs Ricola Sugar Free Lemon-Mint Throat Drops contain menthol in a delicious blend of Swiss alpine herbs. Herbs have been used around the world for centuries. For over 70 years, Ricola has been making pleasant tasting natural herbal products for natural relief of the discomfort due to sore throat and minor irritation due to coughs, hoarseness, dry throat, and loss of voice. Ricola is nature’s way of calming coughs and soothing sore throats. Ricola Naturally Better Products.® Ingredients for Ricola’s Herb Mixture: elder, horehound, hyssop, lemon balm, linden flowers, mallow, peppermint, sage, thyme, wild thyme. Phenylketonurics, contains phenylalanine 1 mg per drop. Excessive use may have a laxative effect Product may be useful for diabetics on the advice of a doctor Made in Switzerland ricolausa.com


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