Silky Scents EO188-15ML 100 Percent Pure Therapeutic Grade Garlic Essential Oil – 15 ml.

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FeaturesGarlic Essential Oil
100% Pure Essential Oil
100% Pure Therapeutic Grade
Capacity – 15 ml.
Aromatherapy PropertiesGarlic is a bulb that grows 12-16 inches tall. Each bulb has somewhere around 5-15 cloves depending on the variety. The oil is Colorless to pale yellow. Garlic is greatly favored as a flavoring ingredient in cookery worldwide. Essential oil of garlic is a powerful antiseptic – possibly the most powerful among essential oils. The Garlic essential oil also has antibacterial and anti-hypertensive properties.
Bronchial infections – Garlic is an excellent remedy for all types of chest infections. Garlic is good for colds flu and ear infections and it helps to reduce mucus.
Digestive tract – Digestive infections respond well to garlic. The herb can also rid the body of intestinal parasites.
Circulatory remedy – Garlic prevents circulatory problems and strokes by keeping the blood thin. Garlic lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
Other medical uses – Garlic is used for infections and may be taken with conventional antibiotics to support their action and ward off side effects. Also garlic reduces blood sugar levels and can help in late-onset diabetes.
Abscess Altitude sickness Aneurysm cancer Colorectal cancer Endometrial cancer Glue ear Hantavirus High Triglycerides (TGs) Septicemia Strep throat Stomach cancer Thrombophlebitis Toxic shock syndrome Viral Infection Xanthomatosis.
7 drops of garlic essential oil a day is the best natural remedies to cure infectious diseases of respiratory tract such as Influenza bronchitis pharingitis and digestive tract as diarrhea. Generally non toxic and non irritant although it has been known to irritate the stomach; may also cause sensitization in some individuals.


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