Yogi AY04614 Yogi Caramel Bedtime Tea -6×16 Bag

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Go natural with Yogi Caramel Bedtime Tea (6×16 BAG). Relax and breathe in the enchanting aroma of our Soothing Caramel Bedtime tea. This blend is an effective combination of herbs specifically formulated to calm the body and mind allowing you to fall asleep quickly enjoy a restful night’s sleep and awake refreshed. All natural L-Theanine promotes deep relaxation by calming the mind so you can fall asleep quickly and awake restored and refreshed ready to face the day. Sweet creamy Rooibos caramel and vanilla combined with traditional sleep aids Organic Chamomile Flower California Poppy and Skullcap Leaf makes this delicious tea the perfect accompaniment to your bedtime. (Note: Description is informational only. Please read the ingredient label on the product for more information and always consult your health professional with any questions prior to use.)
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