Immune Tonic is an herbal tonic that combines immune-toning herbs and medicinal mushrooms to ensure that your immune system is functioning optimally. Designed to be taken over time for prevention and increases resistance to seasonal allergies. This formula is intended to strengthen immune systems to better withstand upcoming seasonal illness, regular immune system challenges at work or in the community. It can also be used to help rebuild and replenish depleted immune system during recovery.
FeaturesPreservative Free
No Artificial Ingredients
Tested and Verified for Purity
IngredientsWater, Organic Alcohol, Org. Astragalus Root, Org. Red Reishi Fruiting Body, Org. Maitake Fruiting Body, Org. Codonopsis Root, Org. Eleuthero Root, Org. Licorice Root, Org. Schisandra Berry, and Org. Ginger Root.
SpecificationsCapacity: 2 fl oz
Weight: 0.29 lbs