Used for thousands of years, White Willow (or Salix alba in Latin) bark has long been recognized as a powerful aid in medical treatments and mystical ritual. The ancient physician Hippocrates, who wrote in 400 BC, even spoke of chewing it to reduce fever and inflammation. Its use extended into China and ancient Egypt and Assyria, as well where its healing properties were also recognized for centuries, often as an aid against all varieties of aches and pains.
In the mid ages it was applied to fever as well. In many mystic and spiritual traditions, it is also associated with the moon, and trying to bring the moon’s blessings into your life. In this it has also been applied to spells of healing and binding. Today, White Willow bark is primarily used in the treatment of pain. It actually contains salica, which was used in the 1800s to develop aspirin, and numerous other compounds believed to aid in treating similar issues as Aspirin, such as headaches, fever, and inflammation.
While slower to act than taking an aspirin, its effects seem to last longer. Some herbalists also claim that White Willow bark can be used for its antiseptic qualities, and even immune boosting properties. This is a 2 oz packet of cut White Willow Bark.